Alice frame

This week I completed my work with previously bought Alice frame. It took month to deliver this little wonder from across the pond. But this time is worth to wait.

What is Alice frame? Well, it is part of old but trusted American backpack. It’s beauty comes from it’s simplicity. Primitive aluminium frame with two straps and kidney belt. That’s it. But with a little work it become very good training aid which will save a lot of beasting to my Berghaus Vulcan. Yes, I know, you should train as will be fighting, but on the other hand, who wants’ to sacrifice one of the most expensive pieces of the equipment before actual event start? That’s why I decided to invest some money in simple Alice frame and upgrade it to my training needs.


First thing I did was to add some of the foam in the places where body touch the frame. I tightly wrapped it with extra strong tape. It doesn’t have to be beautiful because if you take tabbing training seriously it will look… poorly anyway. It just have to be strong.


When padding is ready I tide up some 2 litres Coke bottles to it. Initially I used plastic strips for strength and then support with even more extra strong tape for stability. Don’t try to save straps or tape. In this case there is nothing like too much.

Why bottles? They still quite heavy but in case if you would fall or anything, they are relatively soft and flexible. In case of more painful injury than just twisted ankle, you can also empty all of them and come back to you car with no ballast on your back. Good thing about bottles is that they are also cheap and they last forever. Those on the photos are with few years now and they survived a lot. Yes, there is also a ‘wife’ factor. Mine gives me head ache roughly once a week. She just ‘loves’ the sight of box full with twenty or something, shattered, plastic bottles in our wardrobe. Well, If you want to be tough, be prepared to cross your limits and face the worst… your better half anger.

Construction on the photos is not finished yet. I want to add some more bottles and make it even more stable but you can already see what I want to achieve. So, if you can’t afford to change your bergen every season, but still want to train tabbing seriously, try this method or use it as inspiration

Happy plodding!