Ultra Project

Bletchley Park is a site where Ultra project took place. 80 km north-west from London thousands of cryptologist was working to beake Enigma codes providing cruicial intelligence which helped allies to win the war.

What is Polish input? Well, beginning of Ultra project is end of Polish longstanding supremacy in breaking codes in central Europe. First time Polish mathematicians broke Enigma codes was in 1932. This text must have three names: Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Rozycki.

Marian Rejewski broke Enigma codes in 1932. He had to be genius because he did this using mainly pencil and It took only few weeks for him. But machine was changing all the time and Rajewski was part of the team working on improved techniques to quickly decrypt secret massages. He designed machine called Bomba (eng Bomb). In July 1939 he was one of the few presenting his findings to the French and British intelligence.


Henryk Zygalski’s biggest achievement was preparation of special decoding sheets. These perforated sheets were helping in finding settings of the rotors in the Enigma machines. He also built working copy of Enigma. He was also directly involved in all main decoding operations of Polish intelligence before and during war.


Jerzy Rozycki is another of three code breakers. Apart from breaking codes and building copy of Enigma machines his biggest success was Cyclometer. When Germans implemented further improvement to the Enigma machines he was responsible for Clock Method. Both his achievements were helping to find correct rotor setting on particular days.


All three gentlemen and their incredible achievement was an inspiration for British code breakers. Polish documents, plans and findings helped to build British version of Polish Bomba machine. Code given to British equivalent was… Bomb, to memorate Polish mathematicians.

During our visit in museum in Bletchley Park I found many Polish traces. Somewhere between the wooden huts we found little monument dedicated to three above. Symbol of appreciation to the accomplishment, without which this place would be just another quite house in the town.