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The equipment section is here to show my own ideas, some of them might be crazy, but they work for me.

I have one thing in common with Sir Richard Branson. We have the same numbers on out bank statements, the only difference being is that my statements must be read backwards, his zeros are before the coma and mine after, so my kind of budget will require a lot of adaptation, invention and compromise. I hope some of my ideas might be inspiration for those who are financially where I am.

Finally I want to add that all opinions on this section are totally subjective, adapting my solutions might be uncomfortable and sometimes painful and the author does not take any responsibility for them. All opinions are current, however the author reserves the right to change or reject them completely next day.

Petzl e+LITE

Every now and then we are in trouble or we put yourselves in trouble. When that happens what you need is rational thinking, knowledge and equipment you can rely on. You can’t buy the first two things but you can make your life easier if you have carefully designed and are well equipped ‘last chance’ kit. Murphy’s  law says ‘If you will be in trouble it will be definitely be after sun down’. That is why I always keep in my emergency kit this little wonder, Petzl e+LITE.

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Lucky artefact

This is my baseball cap. There are millions baseball cap like this but this one is mine…



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Sleeping bag cover

Last year I decided to invest some cash in military style sleeping bag cover. It had shape of a bag and it was made of Sympatex. It worked brilliant! Totally wind and waterproof, fully breathable and if that is not enough, it was boosting performance of my sleeping bag as well. I use it sleeping in Polish mountains for few nights at the end of the March. I was there with some soldiers and my bag was so good that it didn’t came back with me, but I came back with some extra cash in my wallet.

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