Last year I decided to invest some cash in military style sleeping bag cover. It had shape of a bag and it was made of Sympatex. It worked brilliant! Totally wind and waterproof, fully breathable and if that is not enough, it was boosting performance of my sleeping bag as well. I use it sleeping in Polish mountains for few nights at the end of the March. I was there with some soldiers and my bag was so good that it didn’t came back with me, but I came back with some extra cash in my wallet.


Since I decided to move on with 9PC I knew I can’t buy all necessary equipment just like that. I just can’t afford that. I have to take some compromise before I will get everything I want. Sleeping bag I have now, is just good enough to give me some comfort in the winter, but not in extreme conditions. Instead of spending three digits number of my hard earned pounds for a new sleeping bag I decided to upgrade my old one in already tested way.


I went to the USMC (that’s military shop, not Marine Corps) in Portsmouth and asked for the same bag. Nice gentleman informed me that they have few more options, if I want to try something new. This is how I became an owner of Snugpak sleeping bag cover. It is protecting sleeping bag in a bad weather but it should not be treat as proper hardshell. I wouldn’t, anyway. It gives some protection from wind and moisture, and keeps warm air inside the bag. Sound simple but it is even more effective when you’re outdoors. On the plus side when compared with Sympatex bag is definitely it’s size and weight. Snugpak weights nothing and when packed, has size of a fist.

Today it is too early to give you more details about bag performance, but watch this space. Below I put some photos of my new bag in action.