Lucky artefact

This is my baseball cap. There are millions baseball cap like this but this one is mine…



I bought my cap when I was in the army. Me and many of my colleagues we were so proud of our maroon berets that we wanted to have caps in the same colour when we were wearing our civies. This means that after testing it with c13 carbon estimated age would be 13, 14 years old. I wear this cap almost everywhere. It had tough days, went through mud, dust and it is soaked with buckets of my sweat. I lost this cap many times and somehow she always came back. The longest time I lost it was a year. I left it when I visited Anna’s parents for the first time. It spent most of this time as a toy with her husky dog. Anna’s mum found it during her cleaning the kennel.



Why I put this post in Equipment sub page? Because I can’t imagine myself going anywhere without my cap now. It is one of these vital things which must be there with me. Part of my mandatory equipment.


Today I can nicely fold it and keep in my back pocket. I don’t care if it’s dirty because it always looks bad anyway. Nothing fits better to my head. It has done wear and tear markings for which Levi’s or Diesel would charge you probably extra few pounds. Mines for free. Last but not least, it gave +3 points to my badass look when I’m outdoors.


If you like outdoors, trekking, spending time in nature and you do this for few years I’m sure you have one of these. It may not be a baseball cap but some other artefact. My dad has wooden walking stick decorated in the way which who would be pleased the most demanding Afghan lorry driver. it may be also ultra old t-shirt, bandana, sleeping mat, spoon… the list is endless. What’s yours artefact?


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  1. Z tego co widzę bez magicznej szcęśliwej czapki na podbój szczytów się nie wybierasz :) pozdrawiam

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