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George Mallory when asked why he wants to climb Everest he replied ‘Because it’s there’.
I am an ordinary bloke and the only superpower I have is the fact that I can speak Polish. I am married, I work in the warehouse and drive an 8 years old Renault Laguna. I see TV heroes doing their adventures all around the world and just refuse to think that it’s not for me. Because I want to know how high can I go. But I also need to know that something depended on these climbs, that I do help someone.
9 Peaks Challenge is very broad. I do runs, adventure activities and explore histories linking our two nations, British and Polish. The core of my challenge are my climbs however. Many people before me climbed all these mountains. Some write about their experience but most don’t. I write my story here and I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Personal reason mentioned above are just part of my philosophy. By doing what I do I want to pay a tribute to those who served or are serving in the Armed Forces. Their courage, dedication and sacrifice can’t be forgotten and must be supported today and tomorrow.
So Mr Mallory, there’s something more in my climbs.



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Mont Blanc

I climbed Mont Blanc! It happened on Friday 6th of September at 8.10. What a quest that was… I did most of it on my own what makes me really proud. That made this year successful as I have achieved all I wanted: I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc and I gained enough qualifying points running ultra marathons to sign up for the UTMB in 2014. As always I met some interesting people in the Alps and took a  few photos. You can see the photos already but you will have to wait a little bit longer for a full report. I hope you will enjoy it.


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Mont Blanc

Pre climb days

Original plan was to climb Mont Blanc and then enjoy rest of my holiday in south coast of France travelling from east to west. Due to my problems with legs I had to change it by 180 degrees. We decided that we will do everything backwards. That gave another 12 days to my legs to heel.

So I enjoyed my time in France gaining fat and loosing muscles and dropping on fitness level. Every morning I was training on the outdoor gyms which are very popular in France. It is great idea I would like see more in UK. Every beach, lots of petrol stations or parks has designated area where you can do some pull ups or stretch your legs. Brilliant.

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Day 0

This noble quest has started at home with packing my stuff. At the beginning I took a ‘blue sky option’ which is preparing all the items I need to have with me. I brought all the gadgets that I bought in the last 10 years, all of them were necessary in the mountains and significantly important to survive when camping.  Altogether it was 4 tons of equipment. I had a quick glance and decided that I have to make my list a little bit shorter. So I took ‘red sky option’ which basically means reduction to what I would need to survive in these extreme conditions. Then I removed even more items and I ended up with not so many items.

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