Mont Blanc

I climbed Mont Blanc! It happened on Friday 6th of September at 8.10. What a quest that was… I did most of it on my own what makes me really proud. That made this year successful as I have achieved all I wanted: I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc and I gained enough qualifying points running ultra marathons to sign up for the UTMB in 2014. As always I met some interesting people in the Alps and took a  few photos. You can see the photos already but you will have to wait a little bit longer for a full report. I hope you will enjoy it.


Legs are much better now. I still feel pain every now and then so I will keep them at rest for rest of the year. Now I will only do some recreational gym sessions and stretch a lot.


When I got to the Chamonix it was just hours after this year’s UTMB ultra marathon. The stage was still there, lines drawn along the streets, banners and the complete finish line structure. I looked at it and tried to remember as good as I could. I will keep this sight in my mind and will be reminding myself every time during my training for it next year. I will be trying to imagine myself crossing it and being completely exhausted.



  1. Well done :) I’m looking forward to see more pictures.

  2. I’m proud of you 😀 well done 😀 more pictures pleas 😀

  3. Congratulations Karol! I was thrilled and amazed to read about your achievements. It all started so innocently with: “I wonder what is happening with Karol with whom it was fun to hang out in Primary School in Lidzbark Warminski.” Well this is where Uncle Google guided me. It’s nice to see you and I look forward to reading about your exciting adventures.

  4. władysław wiciński

    2014/04/17 at 11:33 am

    Jesteśmy z Ciebie dumni!!!!!!! Rodzice!

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