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North Downs Way 100 vol. 2

NDW100 starts for me always a day before. It is a well known ritual of packing myself, repacking, checking and replacing. No matter how long I think and try there is always this funny feeling which tells you to change everything just the day before the start. It’s called panic.

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Ken Jones interview

Ken Jones interview


English translation from page 6 will follow soon.

Summer Fan Dance 2014

The day has started early. I woke up at 1am and sipping lava hot coffee I was making my last checks for half an hour or so. Much later I went to pick up Pat, who was going to be my comrade during this trip.

We both had a mission to accomplish. Mine was to move as quickly as I could over the hills and Pat’s was to make an interview with Ken Jones, he asked him to draw a winner in our raffle and make some photos.

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Petzl e+LITE

Every now and then we are in trouble or we put yourselves in trouble. When that happens what you need is rational thinking, knowledge and equipment you can rely on. You can’t buy the first two things but you can make your life easier if you have carefully designed and are well equipped ‘last chance’ kit. Murphy’s  law says ‘If you will be in trouble it will be definitely be after sun down’. That is why I always keep in my emergency kit this little wonder, Petzl e+LITE.

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