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Weekend 17/18 of May was solely dedicated to the running for me and Anna. On Saturday we started very early as marshals helping with the South Downs 50 ultra marathon. For the first few hours we were feeding and filling bottles to the runners.

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Whiteley Voice

Whiteley Voice 1

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Plan for 2014

Calendar year has started nearly a month ago. It is a good moment to do a summary of last year and expose my plans for 2014.


All big targets in 2013 have been achieved. I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc. Experience I gained on high altitudes is really important for my projects. I also had a chance to play a little bit on the icebergs which is not so common amusement if you live in southern England.

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ORP Blyskawica

In 1935 Polish Navy bought two ships in JS shipyard in Cowes. Their names were ORP Blyskawica and ORP Grom (Lightning and Thunder). Those days they were fastest and destroyers of the world. They also were the most heavily armed in the world for that class. Both ships could also take another missions like submarine chasers.

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Lucky artefact

This is my baseball cap. There are millions baseball cap like this but this one is mine…



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Mont Blanc

I climbed Mont Blanc! It happened on Friday 6th of September at 8.10. What a quest that was… I did most of it on my own what makes me really proud. That made this year successful as I have achieved all I wanted: I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc and I gained enough qualifying points running ultra marathons to sign up for the UTMB in 2014. As always I met some interesting people in the Alps and took a  few photos. You can see the photos already but you will have to wait a little bit longer for a full report. I hope you will enjoy it.


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