If I would be entirely on my own I would never even start. That’s a fact. This web site shows my efforts I made towards climbing mountains and to support the Royal Marines. But 9 Peaks Challenge is truly team work. This site would notbe complete without showing those few people supporting me pretty much all the time. Guys, I would like to introduce you 9 Peaks Challenge team!


We work together. Over last few years we went through many problems and we can trust each other. For years I was calling her ‘my private English dictionary’. She is doing a great job explaining to me many secrets of English grammar. Today I have Brenda on my pay list. Her service cost pack of Polish sweets a month;-) Thanks to her dedication I can show you my efforts on a weekly basis.

Brenda does checks on my grammar every week. If you can understand my weekly updates that’s because she is making a great effort .



Another friend from work. Pat was supporting me from very early days of 9 Peaks Challenge. He always knew what was going on and reading all the posts from web site. One day he offered me help with money collection. In just few days he got more money than I did in a year! Something is telling me that this man will be bringing a lot of money for the British veterans. That’s not all. Pat’s charisma and sense of humour made him natural choice to make first 9 Peaks Challenge interview. Watch out Oprah, you can feel Pat’s breath on your back!

Pat is financial director of 9 peaks Challenge and keen talk show host.



I met Marcin somewhere in mid nineties. We were just young lads those days. Many years later we are still friends and keep in touch. It is easy because Marcin lives in London. We still see each other, we go to Brecon Beacons on arun or somewhere boggy every now and then.

Marcin made this web site. He is my IT guru.



Mike is my ex landlord who has turned into real good friend. We share passion to art and ale in quiet local pubs. I like our conversations because they are always honest and there are no taboo subjects. And they are always full of discreet and cynical sense of humour.

Mike makes corrections for the Alliance section. Poor man.