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Petzl South Down Way 100

Very first moments of the day and first support. From neighbors!

SDW 100 B

Start line.

SDW 100B1

Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst.

SDW 100 B2

Siren went on. No way back now.

SDW 100 C

Second Aid station. Thirsty, always thirsty…

SDW100 D

20th mile.

SDW100 E

30th mile.

SDW100 F

Half way there. 50th mile.

SDW100 G

Trophy presented by my wife. Best combination ever. I felt so proud!

SDW100 H


What do I suffer so much? This is the reason: I SUPPORT OUR PARAS.

SDW 100 I


5 minutes later I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Sitting on the chair to big challenge too.



John Ward

There is one Englishman who has a very special place in the hearts of people of Warsaw. John Ward John Ward was born in 1921 in the outskirts of Birmingham and joined the RAF in 1937. He was trained as a wireless operator. JohnWard 3 His aeroplane was shot down in the early stages of the war and he was placed in a POW camp near the city of Poznan in Poland. For some reason he was not very keen to be a Third Reich guest and escaped in April 1941. Outside the camp he quickly joined the Polish resistance and was tasked to establish communication between the underground Polish state and the British government. Despite many reports from Polish couriers nobody in the western countries took seriously the information about the Holocaust. It was Ward’s reports that confirmed the civilians mass killing which western governments took really seriously. He prepared 64 eyewitness relations and became war correspondent for the Times. He was also broadcasting the English language auditions of the clandestine radio station ‘Blyskawica’ (pol lightning). During Warsaw rising Flight Lieutenant Ward was wounded. For his contribution during these 63 days he was awarded with the Polish Cross of Valour. He fought in Poland until May 1945 when he revealed himself to the Red Army and soon after came back home. John Ward was speaking fluent Polish language, he wore a  red and white armband and an eagle on his cap just like the other members of the Polish Home Army. When wounded in his leg he was off his duties just for two days and then came back to the front line. We don’t know how important Ward’s reports were but before the end of Warsaw rising help was more frequent, better organised and structured. Many facts about John Ward and his time in Poland are unknown. He was a quiet man who kept his memories to himself. So, if you are British and for any reason you will decide to wear a Polish Home Army anchor remember that you have every right to do this. Just never forget to whose commemoration you will be doing this for: Flight Lieutenant John Ward. Links John ward 2John Ward 1

Point to point

At the beginning I would just like to say a few words about my Point to Point march. It is one of the main events on the SAS selection test week. A  long march over the Brecon Beacons from one RV point to another. Walking on roads and wider paths are not allowed and the Staff prefers candidates to move across the terrain in a straight line like a crow flies. This is proper cross country. This is done in bad weather, with a heavy load, military uniform and under time pressure.

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North Downs Way 100 vol. 2

NDW100 starts for me always a day before. It is a well known ritual of packing myself, repacking, checking and replacing. No matter how long I think and try there is always this funny feeling which tells you to change everything just the day before the start. It’s called panic.

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Summer Fan Dance 2014

The day has started early. I woke up at 1am and sipping lava hot coffee I was making my last checks for half an hour or so. Much later I went to pick up Pat, who was going to be my comrade during this trip.

We both had a mission to accomplish. Mine was to move as quickly as I could over the hills and Pat’s was to make an interview with Ken Jones, he asked him to draw a winner in our raffle and make some photos.

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Paras 10


Weekend 17/18 of May was solely dedicated to the running for me and Anna. On Saturday we started very early as marshals helping with the South Downs 50 ultra marathon. For the first few hours we were feeding and filling bottles to the runners.

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