Last Monday I visited a bunch of very friendly vampires based on Coxford Road in Southampton. They took a pint of my blood. That was my 27th donation in UK. It didn’t affect my training, but what is the point of being fit and healthy if you can’t share this with anyone? So if you think about making something wise and sensible – go for blood donation. The needle is alright and not so scary. The only moment when it hurts and you might faint is when… you peel the plaster off from your forearm removing all hairs from elbow joint. That hurts!!!


After a few days rest I came back to my normal training. It was easy because of Easter and all that time off. I had plenty of good food, I slept for 8 hours a day and I ran as much as I wanted. I also had a walk with the GPS. Being a complete idiot when dealing with modern technology I have learnt a lot about the piece… and none of this will be helpful on my next run. I know how to come back to the point where I started and how to send emergency signal when somebody falls over board or sets the alarm off. Don’t think this will be  very helpful for the linear run in South Downs Path, think.