Leaflets and Fan Dance

Last week with great help of Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund I started distributing of 9 Peaks Challenge leaflets. They will be sent around the country and will appear on notice boards in the Royal Marines units, Sergeants messes etc. I must say that I feel a little bit stressed about it. My work over the last few months is exposed now. What gives me the strength is the fact that if this web site will survive famous military sense of humour it will survive everything then. Guys, send me your feedback, I really need it!

Apart from the actions above I did a few trips around my neighbourhood I can sacrifice only two evenings a week for that but leaflets are appearing in shop windows, libraries, pubs and on different notice boards etc.

What about training? Finally I recovered from my problems with my left leg. I did three long runs last week and it seems to work fine now. Stretching is a powerful thing! This week I will start my preparations to Fan Dance. this requires a little bit of a different approach that endurance runs I usually do. Core of the runs will be taking place on the local hills and I have to start abusing my legs on the gym too.


  1. hi i would like to say a few things about karol.well iv knowing karol for about 16 months now as we work together and i must say iv never knowing anybody with so much passion for running and his daily visit to the gym.lets just say if he was having a bad day at work and you wanted some advise on exercise he would only be too willing to help you and on the plus side he would tell you with a big smile on his face.now thats what you call passion for something you love doing.hope your trip to russia goes well and you achieve what you set out to do.good luck.pat.

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