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Plan for 2014

Calendar year has started nearly a month ago. It is a good moment to do a summary of last year and expose my plans for 2014.


All big targets in 2013 have been achieved. I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc. Experience I gained on high altitudes is really important for my projects. I also had a chance to play a little bit on the icebergs which is not so common amusement if you live in southern England.

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North Downs Way 100

I left work at 22:00. Despite not being tired I went to bed at midnight. Alarm clock was set for 3am so I had to sleep very fast that night. Original plan for this run was to complete it within 24 hours but I was deeply believing I could do this in approx 20 hours. But original plan was put on hold long time ago. My problems with left leg reduced these expectations to just simply finishing this within time limit, which is 30 hours. We will see.

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The Fan Dance

Saturday has started early for me and Anna we woke up half past three and left home soon after. We hit the road heading forWales by following the GPS. There are reasons why I do not like to rely on this things too much. On a relatively easy trip we had an unexpected trip in Swindon area and the same near Cardiff seeing the sights. That’s why we were late to the Fan Dance.

When we got to the Storey Arms all the guys with their bergens were waiting for the signal to say go. First I had to register myself and pass something called a pharmacy, which is where you would weigh the bergen. All this has been done by definitely the most gorgeous of all directing members of staff. When I attached my rucksack to the scale it showed 50.6 pounds.( Nice). Limits for this was a minimum of 35 pounds but I found some information that the SAS candidates do this test with a minimum of 50 pounds on their back. I felt strong enough to put myself into the heavier category. My plan was to finish this event within a maximum of 4 hours. The weather looked good as well, warm but no sun just  perfect.  The last few checks and the I went to the start line. A big group of men had turned into the line and started their journey to the top of the Pen Y Fan already.

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I climbed Mt Elbrus!!! It happened on Tuesday morning 9th July. All I want to say in this update is that it was not an easy walk. I have learned a lot about the body’s reaction for high altitudes. Reading about it on the internet and toexperience it are two different things. I made my first step in climbing high mountains. I am happy about this and I promise to use this knowledge for benefits of my further achievements.

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Countdown started

This is the final countdown to my trip to climb Elbrus has started. It would take to long to describe all the problems I had with the Russian administration. To cut a long story short I will just say that my passport with all my necessary paperwork will be collected by my mum on Monday 1st July at 13:00. My flight to Moscow is on Wednesday 3rd in the evening. Not much space to make a mistake. If UPS will not be able to help then I will have to get my mum a quick flight to London and back the same day. Not a very user friendly service I must admit. This weekend I will be doing mylast minute shopping of all  the little stuff I much need on my expedition like this sun cream, cash in dollars, ,aninteresting book to read etc. I can’t wait to test my Russians language skills again.

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Selection – different approach

Preparation to Fan Dance is going well. There is not much more I can say about it. The Alice frame has been in heavy use recently and my shoulders are sore. As one of my friend described it in the past ‘It’s all about yomping and more of it’. The only thing I’m missing are serious hills in my close neighborhood.

The Fan Dance is part of a SAS/SBS/SRR selection. This selection was designed in the fifties and it hasn’t changed much since then It is described in every SAS book in great detail. Therefore I decided to write a little bit more about my selection in Polish military special forces.

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