Calendar year has started nearly a month ago. It is a good moment to do a summary of last year and expose my plans for 2014.


All big targets in 2013 have been achieved. I climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc. Experience I gained on high altitudes is really important for my projects. I also had a chance to play a little bit on the icebergs which is not so common amusement if you live in southern England.

I managed to collect enough points to be qualified to the UTMB in the Alps. Unfortunately my name wasn’t picked in the lottery and I have to try next year. As you can imagine, I wasn’t a happy bunny for a few days when they informed me about that. My kayaking dreams must wait a while. Oh well, I have to do some running this year again…

Last but not least I was able to set a 9 Peaks Challenge team and start my own web site. It might sound silly but I think in a way it was the hardest test in 2013.


Old saying goes: if you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans. Here they are:

First of all I want to climb Kilimanjaro (Africa) in September. This will be the last mountain dedicated to support Royal Marines because soon after I will start preparations to climb Aconcagua in South America (Jan-Feb 2015). Early autumn will be the time to switch charity and I will support Paras for next year or two.

After few days of anger and disappointment I decided not to give up and try to qualify to UTMB 2016. This time instead of three runs I want to complete two. One will be 125 mile Trans Jura run in Polish mountains and other is the Winter 100 organised by my favourite British organiser Centurion Running.

I would also like to do a few military runs like Fan Dance or Paras 10. These are great occasions to spread news aboutthe 9 Peaks Challenge between like minded nutters.

My last big goal is to get access to local media now. As a team we achieved something and we proved that our target is realistic. So stay with us! Watch this web site. Support me with your comments and spread news around your friends and family. We need your help!