Last week made me a happy runner, red cells now rebuilding after last weeks donation, outside was sunny and dry and running was just a pure joy.

Recently I bought a pair of boots, not exactly trainers for running but solid, mountain winter boots. They are big, rock hard, yellow and stable and they are not as heavy as I first thought. I spent some time walking in these boots and they seem to be fine. When I will put them together with crampons, you can expect some comments in equipment section.


After a month long journey from across the pond the Alice frame has arrived it is simple, if not primitive equipment vital for my physical preparations to a) climb mountains and b)finish the Fan Dance within the time limit. It will require some additional work but it is much more wise to use a cheap metal frame for training rather than a expensive rucksack. Watch the equipment page for further updates in this field.

Next weekend I will be running my next 50 miler to gain another 2 qualifying points for UTMB 2014. Keep your finger crossed for me!